G.S.S.F. Launches Trap Shooting in Guyana

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation, in its quest to promote the various disciplines and art of sport shooting, on Saturday 17th October, 2015 marked another momentous day when the first clay was launched in a regulated manner at the GDF Range at Yarrowkabra. GSSF Member and renowned shotgun enthusiast, Mr. Gerard Mekdeci, was invited to fire the first shot at a Clay target to mark this ceremonious occasion. He held true to the task, hitting the biodegradable clay target with his first shot causing it to shatter in several pieces thus launching the sport of Trap shooting locally.

The GSSF at the end of 2014 secured affiliation to the Amateur Trapshooting Association. Since then, it formed an internal Trapshooting Committee tasked with pioneering this sporting discipline in Guyana which ultimately resulted in last Saturday’s Official Launch of the sport of ATA Trap.

President of the Foundation, Ms. Vidushi Persaud, in her remarks at the Launch expressed thanks on behalf of the GSSF to the following persons who equally contributed in order to purchase the ATLAS Automatic Trap Machine: Dr. Soumi SenGupta, Mr. Nicholas Deygoo, Mr. Vidyanand Persaud and Mrs. Dia Persaud. Thanks also to Mr. Richard Van Slytman of C&V Shipping who assisted in shipping the machine and clays to Guyana.

Ms. Persaud also acknowledged the kind gesture from a well-wisher of the Foundation, Mr. Anthony Mekdeci, who upon learning of our plans to launch this sport, donated two manual Trap Machines for practice. She went on to thank the hard-working Board Members, Mr. Ryan McKinnon, Mr. Michael Blake, Dr. Bhiro Harry and Dr. Pravesh Harry together with G.S.S.F. Members, Mr. Nicholas Deygoo, Mr. Gamal Mohamed, Mr. David Dharry, Mr. Ray Beharry who all gave voluntarily of their time and resources to promote the sport.

Trapshooting is a specific form of clay target shooting utilising shotguns. It is a game of movement, action and split-second timing which requires the accuracy and skill to repeatedly aim, fire one shot in an attempt to break the 108mm clay discs which are hurled through the air at speeds surpassing 65kmh.

In registered trapshooting, the rules specify that targets must be thrown no more than 52 yards and should reach a height of between 8 and 12 feet at 10 yards from the trap house. Shooters stand a minimum of 16 yards from the trap houses and take turns at calling “Pull” for the targets to be launched when they are ready.

Usually there are about 4 types of shotguns which can use for trapshooting; those are over and under, single barrel, semi-automatic and pump action. Regulations stipulate they must be no larger than 12 gauge.

Ms. Persaud alluded to the fact that several persons and organisations were instrumental in assisting the GSSF to introduce yet another stepping stone to an Olympic sport discipline to Guyana. She thanked the Government of Guyana, Ministry of Education and the Department of Culture, Youth & Sport. Thanks were also extended to Permanent Secretary Mr. Alfred King, the Management of National Hardware, Mr. Tulsi Ramnarine, Mr. Lennox Cush and the Management of Star Party Rentals. Sincere thanks to Mr. Hakeem Mohamed of H. Mohamed’s General Store & Firearms Dealers.

The GSSF wishes to express sincere gratitude to the Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Phillips, GPF Commissioner Persaud, GPF Asst. Commissioner Ramnarine, GPF Commander Hicken, GPF Mr. Bacchus, GPF OC TSU Superintendent Dehnert, Asst. Superintendent Mr. Todd and the ranks of the GPF Armoury and TSU.

In pictures below:

  1. Mr. Gerard Mekdeci taking the ceremonious first shot to launch Trapshooting
  2. Some of the GSSF Members at the Trapshooting Launch pose with the Atlas Trap Machine in the mobile Trap house.